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A powerful, yet simple, form building tool

As your business grows, so does the data you need to collect and keep. Data you need to make crucial business decisions which are kept in various forms around the business. And there are few exceptions where an off-the-shelf software solution will match those specific business needs.

lucidityinform is a powerful form building platform customised to the needs of your company. 

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Easily build custom forms

lucidityinform allows you to customise forms specifically for your various needs, simplifying the whole data management process.

In the easy-to-use form builder, you'll be able to create detailed forms which capture exactly the data you want with the ability to even attach images and geolocations.

Set up logic-based workflows


Processes can be complex and involve many different employees across the business. lucidityinform allows you to set up automatic alerts based on form responses alerting other employees if an action needs to be taken.

Keep your data in one place


Once data is collected in lucidityinform, it's centralised. Track progress, identify issues and know what's happening across the business all from one location.

Manage who sees what


lucidityinform's form group function allows you to control which forms a user can see when they log in. Only give employees access to the specific forms and the completed data relevant to their role, so they don't have to search for what they need.

Bring internal and external data together


Important business data isn’t just captured in forms by those who already work for you. Anyone who interacts with your business can now fill out the relevant digital forms with the new Public Form feature of Lucidity InForm.

Users simply scan a QR code or visit a URL on their phone to open the form in a browser.


It means that all the additional information you collect from outside your organisation will have all the benefits of having been collected on Lucidity InForm.

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