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Breakdown walls and empower your people with powerful document management

Lucidity provides companies with access to a secure single source of truth for documented systems management (quality/safety/environment/product), risk and contractor management, non-conformance/hazard/incident reporting and investigation, assignment of tasks and actions, records and document storage. Lucidity Intranet provides your people with mobile access to the types of operational, people and business intelligence that drives more informed decision-making.


Lucidity Intranet is a permissions based framework providing various management and worker access levels through a control centre.

Lucidity Intranet’s full access controls define and control individual user access module by module, ensuring only the right people have operational control and secure access to key information.


Offering the flexibility of a choice of modules, Lucidity Intranet links people, roles and locations, improving efficiency while creating actions, outcomes and records of inputs with assigned traceability. With Lucidity Intranet, you can start with key modules and add additional modules, as you require, future proofing your investment.


Your people will love Lucidity Intranet’s dashboard because it is so simple and intuitive to use. Lucidity Intranet’s dashboard encourages engagement. Lucidity Intranet will be quickly adopted and achieve high user acceptance by everyone in your organisation.

Mobile access


Lucidity Intranet has been designed for mobile business. With Lucidity, your people can securely access important operational, people and business intelligence anywhere, at any time on any mobile device with internet access. Lucidity Intranet connects people in the same office, remote sites, on the move or anywhere on the planet.


OHSE management system


Lucidity Intranet provides your people with access to a powerful OHSE management system. Lucidity’s OHSE management system allows your people remote and mobile access to important OHSE documentation, training and records.

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Incident Reporting


Lucidity Intranet’s dashboard allows your people to access incident reporting in the field or on site. With Lucidity’s advanced incident management software, reporting of injuries, incidents and hazards can be achieved faster and more accurately.

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