Computer Learning

A company's most important resource

It goes without saying that a company's most important resource is its people. Companies invest heavily in attracting, training and developing its people, with the hope they can keep them safe, maximise their return on investment and retain them for the long term. luciditycompetency has been designed with these goals in mind.

Training needs analysis


Lucidity Competency’s training needs analysis makes it easier to evaluate the training needs of individuals and project needs. Lucidity Competency allows you to define, track and manage training requirements for specified roles. Lucidity also allows you to monitor a given group, project or individual’s status with easy to understand visual cues.

Training Matrix - just in time matrix and filtered reporting


Lucidity Competency allows you to generate roles that automatically generate training needs and notifications. Lucidity Competency Status Matrix allows you to quickly filter, view and assess training status though an automatically generated Excel based matrix. Records are automatically generated from the e-learning module and stored directly into Competency providing just in time reporting.

Training matrix

Single source of truth for training records


With Lucidity Competency, you can define capabilities such as training, skills, certificates or licences, and create records for employees and contractors. You can also nominate expiry dates, attach scans and other documents to each record. Lucidity Competency’s advanced record keeping functions also allow you to capture all group and individual details of training, competency, licences and any other important compliance information.

Real people intelligence


Lucidity Competency builds the types of people intelligence that is key to informed decision-making. Lucidity Competency’s tailored reporting uses filters and configurations to customise Excel based reports. With Lucidity Competency reports are never more than a few clicks away.

Lucidit competency screen

Training course catalogue management


Lucidity Competency seamlessly integrates with other Lucidity products, allowing you to easily create and manage course catalogues. Lucidity Competency allows you to link specific courses with other Lucidity E-Learning products, such as to Lucidity Induction.


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