Manage hundreds of contractors across multiple sites in different cities, every day of the week.


Our clients include many of Australia’s largest and best-known construction companies, from Built and Mirvac to Downer, Higgins, BGC Housing Group and Civilex. We’ve supported numerous high-profile projects including the Metro tunnel, Sydney Light Rail and the Epworth Richmond redevelopment.


Over the years, we’ve come to understand the many complexities present in this highly-regulated industry. And while Lucidity has a range of software modules designed to help manage the many moving parts and people involved in every building or infrastructure project, our aim is to provide you with a solution perfectly tailored to suit your business needs.

At Lucidity, we can:

  • Ensure that every external contractor and subcontractor is properly inducted before they come on site using our Induction module


  • Install a physical hardware solution - OnSite - to monitor site access


  • Enable clients to store documentation in one central location via the Contractor module. These documents can then be accessed by external parties from any device connected to the internet.


  • Centralise document management and create electronic forms. Save paper, time and physical storage space via our Intranet and InForm modules


  • Provide a learning platform that both internal staff and external contractors can use. Record individual qualifications using the Learning module so you always have an overview of competencies present on every site and can easily find the right person for the job.


  • Provide a platform to log incidents such as environmental hazards. The Incident module also lets you track incidents, learn from them and reduce the possibility of future harm.

  • Help kick off projects with the Risk module, which can assist with the preparation of risk matrices for instance.

  • Keep an inventory of everything your business owns. The Asset module can also monitor maintenance and keep track of whether your equipment is tested and tagged. 

  • Issue specific site access to specialised contractors such as electricians via the Permit to Work module.


Our clients include

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Clients include


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