Contractor Management

Take the admin out of contractor risk and document management.

Make Contractor Management


  • Manage insurance policies and other key documents for contractors and suppliers
  • Automated email to managers and contractors as expiry approaches
  • Set and share contractor approval status
  • Use Risk Ratings to specify contractor required documents
  • Contractor login for self service with approval process

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Module Features

Asset Register

Contractor register

House all contractor details in a permission-controlled central location with notes and feedback. 



Risk-based automation

Software intelligence uses the contractor risk rating to drive documentation requirements including insurances and SWMS.


Self-service functions

Save admin with contractors uploading documents into the system via the self service portal. Includes approval by you of submitted documents.

In progress

Better track induction and training records

Integrates information from the Lucidity training and induction modules to better track progress.



Simple contractor approval

Managing documentation for multiple contractors can be a time consuming challenge – and can result in a costly mistake if documentation is missed.

Take the stress out of this process with Lucidity’s contractor management system. Storing all insurances, safety plans, SWMS and other key documents in one centrally managed, risk based register makes it easy to find the relevant information and confirm status.

If you are also using Lucidity’s site management tools such as OnSite, connecting the contractor register allows you to restrict site access only to those contractors who have provided all relevant documentation and completed their site inductions.

Contractor Approval

Contractor-managed records

Double handling is both an easy way for mistakes to be made and a clear sign that your business processes are not streamlined.

Lucidity can support you to simplify these business processes by allowing your contractors to manage their own documentation via our self service portal.

Contractors can upload and maintain their company level documentation – e.g. insurances, certificates and SWMS – themselves. Ensuring that their information is always up to date and flagging alerts in the system for your health and safety team to review.

Intranet Actions

Fredon Mono

“Lucidity has been central to supporting these processes. Ensuring that we’re able to follow our own safety processes while also meeting our clients’ requirements and keeping everybody safe on site."

See how Fredon uses Lucidity software to better capture the information they need. 

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