Simplify your business forms and data capture with an industry-leading customisable form builder.

Digital Business Forms Solution

  • Develop & deliver electronic forms to replace paper-based processes
  • Enable workforce mobility through the Lucidity App (including offline mode)
  • Incorporate market leading logic within form designs such as conditional display, workflow approvals, digital signatures and geotags
  • Use Form Groups to gives Users access to only the forms they need
  • Comprehensive admin interface to allow a wide variety of forms to be produced
  • Interactive Dashboard to plot status of forms, completion rates and scoring
  • Export form data allowing analysis of detailed data from within the form responses
  • Seamless integration with third party Business Intelligence (BI) applications such as Power BI. Tableau and Amazon Quick Sight.

For more information on LucidityInForm, watch the InForm Overview video.

InForm Visual

Module Features


No coding required

Our user friendly platform allows full flexibility to create forms that work for your business.


Drag & Drop

Drag & drop interface

Simply choose the appropriate form elements and drop them into your form: workflows and approvals, conditional responses, photos and actions.


Complete forms on the Lucidity App

Use the Lucidity App as your mobility solution - online and offline, iOS and Android.


Customised dashboards

Interrogate and explore your data to make better business decisions.



Keep your forms Up to date

Solve the challenges of paper-based forms by embracing a digital solution for all your business forms including Plant pre-starts, Inspections, Internal Audits, Checklists, Work Orders and Permits to Work.

Digital forms open up a huge range of new possibilities for your data, including:

  • Immediate access to data captured in real-time
  •  The ability to build workflows and conditional actions based on form responses
  • Capture of rich data sources (e.g. photos and maps)
  • Customisation opportunities to meet the needs of various different teams
  • Real-time updating of form questions and processes - always use the latest form template.
Forms Highlight

Take your forms public

Internal employees aren’t always the only people who provide your business with crucial data. Sometimes you’ll need people outside your organisation to complete forms, but you don’t want this data to be stored in another platform.

Lucidity’s digital form builder has a new Public Form feature which allows forms to be made easily available to those outside your organisation.

Simply scanning a QR code or visiting a web address, any person with a phone, tablet or computer can access a public-enabled form with all captured data stored in the Lucidity system.


Form Logic & Intelligence

Forms are often just the start of a business process. The information that has been captured in that form will often lead to follow up actions, need to be signed off by managers or have a requirement to alert other people in the business.  

Lucidity’s digital form solution has been built with logic capabilities.  

This allows forms to move through digital workflows  and approvals based on specific answers to questions, ensuring that crucial business processes, sign off and approval alerts are automatically carried out.

Forms Logic


"The new level of information we’ve been able to achieve with Lucidity has meant we’ve now got access to granular data, all collected from the field in real-time.

It’s been a complete game-changer for us."

See how Downer used Lucidity software to streamline their safety data collection and make better business decisions.

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