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An induction process that’s easy and enjoyable to use

Streamline and improve the quality of your induction processes

Lucidity Induction is a learning management system designed to streamline and improve the quality of company induction processes. With Lucidity Induction, companies can develop roles, site or company wide induction programs that reinforce important safety, process and brand messages that are key to the safety and successful integration of employees and sub contractors.


Remote access


Trainees and inductees can access Lucidity Induction from anywhere with online access, allowing you to deliver onsite inductions, while centralising record keeping.

Multiple assessment options

You want the power to conduct assessments your own way. With Lucidity, you have multiple assessment options, including multiple choice with images and rotating questions.

Automated assessment

Lucidity Induction can assess the responses to multiple-choice questions, and if successful, records the result, and provides a receipt and notify administrators.

"Deciding to work with Lucidity was one of our best business decisions"


Lucidity Induction Features

Lucidity Induction screen
The power is in your hands


Lucidity Induction is a learning management system allowing you to take full control of your online induction process by letting you create new modules, upload and configure presentation material. Lucidity Induction also allows you to set questions and the pass mark, as well as review and analyse records. You can even brand modules and add your graphics to make sure that your induction module reinforces your recruitment brand.

Cross media integration

Lucidity Induction is a learning management system that allows you to integrate different media types into your induction process. Lucidity allows you to integrate video, PowerPoint presentations and other document types

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