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A powerful and simple to use form building tool

There are few exceptions where off the shelf forms perfectly fit the needs of every company. That is why Lucidity has developed Lucidity InForm. Lucidity InForm is designed to enable your people to build their own forms for everything from inspections, to pre-start checklists, meeting minutes and almost anything else you can think of.


Lucidity InForm uses Lucidity Intranet’s dashboard to interface with other products in the suite, which include scoping, an easy to understand and use dashboard, as well as notifications. The interface for the user is built around a list of complete Forms (records), which are scoped and filtered based on organisational structure and form groups.

Controlled access

Lucidity InForm delivers greater administrator control to form development, access control and archiving of out of date forms.

Mobile access

With Lucidity InForm, your people have secure, mobile access to important forms and documentation exactly when and where they need them, through any mobile device with Internet access. Documents and photos can be attached, actions assigned and completed forms seamlessly emailed to stakeholders.

"Lucidity is a key part of our Health and Safety Strategy"


Lucidity InForm Features

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Manage forms by Organisational Structure


With Lucidity InForm, each completed form is associated with the Org Structure. This process allows administrators to manage which aspects of the Org Structure that can be viewed by a user. Administrators can also manage which forms and form groups that can be viewed by an individual or group of viewers. With Lucidity InForm, if a viewer is not granted access to a form, they cannot see completed instances of it.


A clever way to group forms


Lucidity InForm’s groups are used to control which forms a user can see when they log in. With Lucidity InForm, administrators can give access to each user to specific form groups, which in turn gives the user access to the forms within that group.

Bring internal and external data together


Important business data isn’t just captured in forms by those who already work for you. Anyone who interacts with your business can now fill out the relevant digital forms with the new Public Form feature of Lucidity InForm.

Users simply scan a QR code or visit a URL on their phone to open the form in a browser.


It means that all the additional information you collect from outside your organisation will have all the benefits of having been collected on Lucidity InForm.

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