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A site attendance solution for any site anywhere

Keep track of all your contractors and employees that are on site

One of the biggest challenges facing Site Administrators on worksites is keeping track of all the contractors and employees that are on site at any given time. Lucidity OnSite provides you with the ability to:

Ensure induction and competency of people entering sites
Report who is on site for emergency response
Verify attendance of contractors and their time spent on site
Prompt for random Drug and Alcohol testing
Provide specific information such as licences coming up for renewal

"Deciding to work with Lucidity was one of our best business decisions"


So how does Lucidity OnSite work?

Lucidity OnSite consists of two parts:
The OnSite Access Point


Each worksite needs at least one OnSite Access point but can have as many as required. The OnSite Access Point:

  • Allows tap-on and tap-off at the site using access cards

  • Is water resistant and includes built in 3G/4G comms

  • Works offline for up to a day without comms

  • Synchronises with the OnSite Desktop module

  • Advises if a card is valid and if entry is permitted based on inductions and competencies

  • Can be configured to activate a turnstile or gate

  • Is available as a mobile version suitable for toolbox sign on, which includes battery backup (enquire for details)

The OnSite Desktop Module


This module sits within the normal Lucidity system and provides information such as:

  • Individual entry and exit times per person

  • Configuration, setup and reporting

  • Number of personnel on site (at a point in time or over a specified period)

  • Time on site (per person or in total)

Lucidity OnSite Access Point


OnSite Access Points allow employees and subcontractors to tap into and out of site.  On each tap their site specific inductions are validated, and for subcontractors their insurances are confirmed.

Each Access Point is wall mounted in a water resistant enclosure (just requires a GPO - no electrician required).  Please ask about our mobile Access Points which are battery backed, and ideal for moving worksites or toolbox attendance recording.

Employee cards use industry standard NFC communications (cost effective and readily available).   Cards are compatible with all standard card printers.  We can assist you with design and production of cards, including options for colour, single or double sided, as well as the incorporation of QR codes. QR codes can be scanned in the field to allow competencies to be easily viewed. We can also work with you to configure Access Points so they activate a turnstile or gate.

Lucidity OnSite Desktop Module


Keep an eye on your worksite from anywhere in the world.


No matter where you are, so long as you have access to a computer, tablet or smartphone with Internet connectivity, you can keep tabs on everyone on site and make sure that their qualifications are up to date.

Onsite Desktop screen

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