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Our Story


Lucidity is an Australian owned and developed suite of software tools designed to help companies achieve effective, streamlined business processes.

Our Vision


We pride ourselves on keeping the customer experience at the forefront of our development processes, with a dedicated team working on product improvement from customer feedback.



Lucidity Software is a product of a decade of software refinement, and a lifetime of working with organisations on training, compliance and risk management requirements.

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Greater clarity makes

organisations more intelligent


Lucidity Software is a software suite designed to empower teams and centralise data

Empower teams

Lucidity empowers your management team to manage compliance, training and risk within their individual business units more effectively and efficiently.

Centralise data

Lucidity centralises information and provides a customisable dashboard and reports that deliver real insights into your operations and people, no matter where they are located.

"Lucidity is a key part of our Health and Safety Strategy"



Lucidity Asset
Lucidity Asset


Maintain company plant, facilities and equipment in one central location

Lucidity Contractor
Lucidity Contractor


Manage contractors, people and performance with Lucidity Contractor

Lucidity Incident
Lucidity Incident


Proactively report, investigate, analyse and action issues.

Lucidity Induction
Lucidity Induction


Streamline and improve the quality of your induction processes

Lucidity Inform
Lucidity InForm


A powerful and simple to use form building tool

Lucidity Intranet
Lucidity Intranet


Break down walls and empower your people with powerful document management

Lucidity Learning
Lucidity Learning


A complete online learning management system

Lucidity Onsite
Lucidity OnSite


Keep track of all your contractors and employees that are onsite

Lucidity Permit to Work


Manage the full Permit to Work life cycle.

Lucidity Risk
Lucidity Risk


A complete framework to understand and manage risk.


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Lucidity Software

We're an Australian-based company that provides comprehensive WHS and OHS software solutions to businesses.

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