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    Customised SWMS Templates

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    Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) play an important role in high-risk work. Ensuring that everybody involved understands the risks of a particular project and that there have been appropriate controls put in place to keep people and their workplace safe.

    But in order for these crucial business forms to be most useful, they need to be tailored to your organisation’s specific uses and easily shareable amongst stakeholders. Providing everybody involved with a quick reference document to ensure that controls and processes are implemented properly.

    The standard Lucidity system comes with the ability to simply store SWMS as a PDF in the Intranet filing cabinet. And then users can use InForm to create any additional hazards and job steps not listed in the default SWMS.

    But if you want to take your SWMS to the next level, we can help you by building a customised SWMS template that is specially designed for the specific needs of your organisation.

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    Customised SWMS templates

    Does your organisation have its own customised SWMS template? Are you looking for a more visual option to simplify the SWMS process for your employees and stakeholders? Looking to share your completed SWMS with external stakeholders?

    Through some custom development work with our Customer Success team, we can design a customised SWMS template for your organisation within the Lucidity system. This integrated solution can combine all relevant SWMS-related information into one document, exportable from the system including:

    •       Multiple Template SWMS
    •       Additional Hazards
    •       SWMS sign offs
    •       Approval workflows

    If you’re interested in upgrading your SWMS processes within Lucidity, get in touch with our Customer Success team.