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Lucidity Contractor, Competency and Asset Modules: Working in the Cloud for the perfect contractor r

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This Lucidity suite provides a consolidated and sustainable source of truth in complete contractor records management held in a structured data retention source.

Lucidity is a centralized cloud technology package. Why would a centralized cloud based computing work for your contractor management?

Lucidity as a pay as you go subscription model removes the need for capital expenditure and ongoing resources to manage and maintain contractor systems.

Lucidity cloud storage of data is remotely maintained, managed and backed up providing:

  • Bandwidth demands managed by Lucidity and no longer your issue

  • A level of operational agility with flexibility and time saving solutions

  • Recovery and back up systems owned and managed by Lucidity and no longer your issue

  • Security updates and virus controls managed by Lucidity

  • The ability to work from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection

  • Reduced carbon footprint – less energy used in the cloud

Your organisation will no longer need servers or server space onsite nor the associated maintenance costs for managing contractors.

Why Contractor, Competency and Asset Modules?

The three modules together provide the ultimate risk management compliance package for contractors, contractor people, infrastructure, plant and equipment.

Modular interaction

The interaction between the modules along with the task management s

ystem allows for the contractor organisation, its people and plant to be performance and compliance managed effectively and efficiently across the nation and beyond.

Sustainable and simple notifications and reminders

Set up and configure notifications to trigger alerts for expiring records, or when information is entered. This provides a sustainable long term managed approach.

Time saving and simple colour coded record status provides at-a-glance contractor status.

Legal and regulatory compliance

Schedule auto-email reports, notifying stakeholders of current records compliance status to ensure legal and insurance requirement’s remain current.

Verification, validation and traceability of records

Back end data retention capability provides verification and validation of records for the purposes of compliance and for legal validations should the need arise.