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    Manage contractors, people and performance with Lucidity Contractor

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    Lucidity Contractor allows you to manage contractors and their people, with at-a-glance viewing of contractor approval status. Managing insurances, training and performance measures and an effective contractor due diligence process. Complete records in one place.

    Lucidity Contractor features in a nutshell:

    - Simple but powerful: Configure notifications to trigger alerts for expiring records, or when information is entered.

    - Intuitive Design: Colour coded record status provides at-a-glance contractor status

    - Automatic Reporting: Schedule auto-email reports, notifying Project Managers of current contractor status.

    Most importantly, the security, simplicity and ease of access ensure that the right information is collected in a timely manner.


    "Deciding to work with Lucidity was one of our best business decisions"

    Aeramix is an award winning Australian company that provides project management, construction and design solutions for water and waste management industries across Australia.

    Contact Lucidity to schedule a product demo today!