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    Lucidity Asset: The solution to managing your registered plants, facilities and equipment

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    An asset register is important for having all your business assets documented in the one place, whether it be land, buildings, plants, office equipment, manufacturing equipment, vehicles, machinery, computer software, IP, patents or trademarks.

    However, having an accurate and comprehensive fixed asset register can often be underestimated. It’s necessary for a number of reasons, including keeping track of insurance claims, scheduled maintenance, coordinating asset replacements and calculating depreciation and amortisation charges. Having an asset register is vital as this will assist in short and long term planning, keeping organised, preventing fraud, ensuring compliance and saving costs.

    Lucidity Asset enables registers of plant, facilities and equipment to be registered and maintained. You can prepare Asset Registers by location or asset type, and schedule regular or ad-hoc maintenance. You can also assign ownership of each asset, attach records and export reports to excel.

    Features include: