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Meinhardt awarded Shell Safety award using Lucidity Software

Meinhardt EPCM Group has won a Silver Medal at the Shell Malaysia Safety Awards using Lucidity Software.

Shell Malaysia recognises the safety efforts of its business partners and contractors for their top safety leadership during the Shell Malaysia Safety Awards, held in June 2018.. More than 200 guests comprising of business partners and contractors to Shell attended the recent Shell Malaysia Safety Awards (SMSA) to appreciate and recognise safety leaders within the industry.

Meinhardt use Lucidity Software to enable their HSSE team to quickly access, respond and resolve safety issues, they have seen exponential benefits using Lucidity.

It has supported the reporting of near-misses and potential incidents, which grew from 600 in 2016 to over 2,000 in 2017. This immense amount of data allows Shell and Meinhardt to carry out trend analysis and predictive assessment.

One of the key modules of Lucidity, known as the Competency Module has the ability to deliver tailored training electronically. Lucidity has supported the hosting of 6 High Risk Training series in 4 languages that were released simultaneously to all contractors working in the Shell Retail Downstream Network. This has allowed 1,500 staff to undertake training using the system.