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What is a ‘Super-recogniser’?

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‘Super- recognisers’ are people with a natural ability to recognise other people.

Are you a super-recogniser? To find out, take the ‘National Test of Face Recognition Abilities’.

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There could be a new career awaiting you.

Could you learn this skill? According to research, apparently not. Whilst there are many courses offering these skills, none appear to have been empirically validated to the outcomes are unknown. Therefore it appears to be a bit career limiting it you aren’t a natural super-recogniser.

For those with the talent, it’s a sort after expertise.

Super-recognisers are used by police and security agencies to spot targets in crowded train stations, monitor surveillance footage, and track people of interest.

During the 2011 London riots, for example, super-recognisers from the Metropolitan Police identified more than 600 people from very poor-quality surveillance footage – a task that not even the best facial recognition software can perform reliably.

You can be trained to become a forensic facial examiner [deliberate and analytical visual processing] but that’s altogether different. That skill is trainable, not hard wired like the Super- recogniser.

So before you toss in your job for a new career, do the test!