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    Lucidity achieves ISO27001 Information Security Management System Certification

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    Lucidity Software has been awarded certification to ISO 27001, the international standard for information security management.

    Lucidity data provides intelligence and insights that helps our clients drive success through the electronic storage OHS knowledge. Lucidity takes data security very seriously, as client information is the core to our software modules. Protection of these assets from either deliberate or accidental loss, compromise or destruction is critically important.


    Lucidity like many Industries and Governments have adopted ISO 27001 as the de facto standard for information security management practices. ISO is particularly popular at the State Government level within Australia where it is often mandated, and in industries such as ICT and data centre hosting.International Standards provide significant benefits overall to the domestic and global economy.


    Lucidity Approach


    Lucidity decided that the best way to prove our processes met the highest standards was to gain independent certification to ISO27001 with Best Practice Certification. This required that our processes (supported through documentation) were in compliance with the standard. This involved a risk-based approach to managing information security to ensure that security risks are appropriately prioritised and managed.


    It is worth noting our ISO 27001 certification had zero exemptions from the ISO scope. So we have been audited on every clause and objective and had no non-conformances. This was a first for our auditor who had never audited a system before with no clause exemptions and no actions/observations to follow up.


    Benefits to clients


    Using the ISO27001 approach means that Lucidity clients know that we "walk the talk". We not only say we take security seriously we are independently certified and proven internal processes (and protections from outside attacks) to ensure client data is safe when using Lucidity.