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    Work with us to drive HSEQ's digital transformation

    When HSEQ is managed well, businesses work better. Employees on the ground are kept safe. Executive teams are empowered to make better business decisions. And consultants, advisors and auditors have easy access to all the information they need to do their job effectively and efficiently.

    That's why they turn to Lucidity.

    Types of partnerships

    Referral Partners

    Join our certified reseller network and work closely with our sales team to refer Lucidity to businesses that need assistance streamlining their HSEQ.

    Technical Partners

    Are you also looking to revolutionise how companies manage HSEQ? We’re always looking to collaborate with technology partners towards a common goal.

    Product Partners

    Do you have a product which is changing the way people manage an element of their HSEQ? Reach out to us below to chat about co-marketing opportunities.

    Why Partner with Lucidity?


    The changing world of HSEQ

    As businesses adapt to working with remote and mobile workforces, high-risk processes and increasingly data-led decision making, Lucidity supports businesses on this journey.

    Simplifying existing HSEQ systems and leading a process of digital transformation to provide greater understanding of what’s happening on site.

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    Consolidating processes

    With individual systems to manage different parts of business risk, there are significant resources wasted on training, data entry and analysis.

    All elements of risk and HSEQ data are brought together within the Lucidity system, making data capture more reliable and analysis easy.

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    Simplifying business support

    As an external provider, it is difficult for consultants, advisors and auditors to get an understanding of what’s happening when data is stored in physical documents or disparate files.

    Lucidity brings all this business information into once central system, meaning that the information your external supports are looking for is only ever a couple of clicks away.

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    Do you want to support your clients on the journey of HSEQ digital transformation? Ensure they keep their people safe and set themselves up for business success?

    Launching in August 2021.