Simply manage the full permit lifecycle from approvals to closure. 

Permit to Work

Better manage work permits with an all-in-one software solution:

  • Create, approve and track the progress of permits to work
  • Includes identification of isolations required
  • Attach checklists and other documents as needed
  • Email notifications alert managers when permits are ready for review

For more information on Lucidity Permit to Work, watch this video.

Module Features

Track Processes

Track processes

Manage end-to-end permit processes from drafting, submitting for approval and applying required isolations in one place.

Approve Permits

Approve permits

Simply approve permits and any required isolations to streamline contractor permit processes.

Close permits

Close permits

Once the permit is finished, isolations can be re-instated and then the permit can be closed.


Staged workflow processes

The Permit workflow automatically moves the Permit through a series of stages.

Once the Permit is created, progression to the next stage is generally triggered by either the Permit Manager or the Permit Approver. Prerequisites may be required prior to progressing to the next stage.

Workflow processes

Pause or restart permits

Sometimes permits need to be paused. In these cases, isolations will likely need to be reinstated but the permit needs to remain open as the work hasn't yet been completed.

Lucidity's permit software allows for permits to be paused and restarted at later dates. Project managers can easily see any associated isolations that need to be reinstated and can manage this process through one central location.

Pause permits


"The new level of information we’ve been able to achieve with Lucidity has meant we’ve now got access to granular data, all collected from the field in real-time.

It’s been a complete game-changer for us."

See how Downer used Lucidity software to streamline their safety data collection and make better business decisions.

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