We make it easy for you to keep your standards high.

We understand how hard it is to stay on top of quality control, inspections and compliance audits. That’s why we designed our software to help you maintain a digital paper trail, track previous incidents and their causes, and always have the business intelligence data you need at your fingertips. Create standardised forms while on the go, put together checklists and store all the digital documentation you’ve completed in one central place.


With Lucidity, you can:

  • Ensure that every visitor is properly inducted well before they turn up to any worksite using our Induction module.

  • Rely on OnSite, a physical access point that can monitor and/or restrict site access.

  • Centralise and digitise document storage with the Contractor module. 

  • Save administrative time and paper by creating electronic forms via the InForm module​.

  • Display vital statistics on a dashboard, maintain a clear audit trail and organise records such as incident reports with Intranet.

  • Allow members of your workforce to record any hazards, slips, trips or falls on their mobile phone via the Incident module.

  • Record and track the validity of any individual employee’s qualifications with the Learning module.

  • Maintain an inventory of everything your organisation owns or manages. The Asset module can also monitor the status of equipment (e.g. items out of order) and store maintenance records.

  • Help your company comply with ISO 31000 Risk Management and keep tabs on multiple risk registers across the organisation, using the Risk module.

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