It may be your job, but we can help make everyone you work with responsible.

We take the hassles out of managing teams before they arrive for work on site. Online inductions, risk assessments, insurances and permits - our platform provides a convenient, central place to store and organise all the paperwork that accompanies any project. What’s more, you can build beautiful digital forms for your team to use on their mobile phones, so they can report hazards, risks and incidents from the field.

Whether you're still doing everything manually and using paper-based administration, or in the process of moving to digital, we can help you optimise your workflows, and provide the right tools to help you make a smooth transition . 


With Lucidity, you can:

  • Ensure that every visitor is properly accredited well before they turn up to a worksite via the Induction module.

  • Rely on OnSite - a physical access point - to monitor and/or restrict site access.

  • Enable electronic forms to be created and submitted on mobile phones, saving paper and eliminating the need for physical storage via the InForm module​.

  • See vital statistics at a glance, maintain a clear audit trail and organise records such as training documentation and incident reports with Intranet.

  • Centralise and digitise document storage with the Contractor module. These documents can then be made accessible to users connected to the internet.

  • Allow workers to easily record any incidents such as slips, trips or falls using the mobile-friendly Incident module.


  • Record and track the validity of any individual’s qualifications or accreditations using the Learning module.

  • Easily maintain an inventory of everything your organisation owns or manages. The Asset module can also monitor the status of equipment (e.g. items out of order) and store maintenance records.

  • Help your company comply with ISO 31000 Risk Management, using the Risk module.

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