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    Simplify Consulting

    Build stronger and more effective relationships with your clients through Lucidity

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    Build stronger relationships with your clients

    Redefine the management consultant role through access to real time data with Lucidity. 
    • Move away from only engaging with your clients during peak interest periods such as ISO Audits and advance towards an always-on relationship with frequent, regular touchpoints.
    • Stay in the loop with live system notifications and triggers that will provide you with the opportunity to provide early intervention and consultancy services. 
    • Keep an eye on your clients business processes through registers and dashboards to ensure their teams on the ground are following critical HSEQ processes. 
    • Monitor and measure the impact of your work to quantify ROI. 
    • Benefit from deeper engagement and more meaningful conversations leading to greater client satisfaction and retention. 

    Make audit preparation easy

    Help your clients maximise audit ROI with Lucidity.

    Audits, whether internal or external, form the heart of any continuous improvement cycle and are often not leveraged to their full extent to drive business performance.


    Because access to critical business data is limited due to physical records and or siloed digital applications. 

    Lucidity provides structure, integration and real time access to data in order to properly assess the effectiveness of quality, safety and environmental management systems, simplifying:

    • the communication and publishing of audit schedules
    • collection of data through digital forms
    • action management
    • storage of data within central registers, and
    • view and interpretation of data through business intelligence dashboards

    Learn how HSEQ consulting firm, Global Safety Partners, uses Lucidity to build better relationships with their clients.

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