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    - Case Study -

    Simplifying consulting

    Learn how HSEQ consulting firm, Global Safety Partners, uses Lucidity to build better relationships with their clients.



    Time is money . . .

    . . . as the old proverb goes. And this is never truer than when you’re a consultant. You’re constantly looking for ways to maximise value for your clients while also building your own client base and revenue streams. 

    This was something that Ian Bell from Global Safety Partners experienced when working with companies as an advisor to improve their HSEQ.

    “With access to the right organisational data, I can easily make recommendations that will help steer the company towards this goal. But often access to this data is difficult. Companies will rely on everything from hearsay and binders of paper-based forms to spreadsheets kept on individual computers to keep track of their HSEQ processes. Usually, it’s a combination of all three with no integration," says Ian.

    "With a simple click of a button [on Lucidity], I can see the essential data and reports to get an understanding of what's happening in my clients' businesses."

    “And that means I spend most of my time sorting through data to get an understanding of what’s happening in the company, where the pain points are and what’s letting their processes down.

    “I have a substantial range of companies I’m working with. The longer I spend with one company, the more time I am forgoing from finding new clients and growing my business.” 

    As an HSEQ consultant, Ian’s time isn’t best spent trying to organise data. He should be focused on working with the teams to develop cultures, leadership and implement new processes helping them to achieve their health and safety goals and business efficiencies. 

    “That’s why I’ve worked with my clients to get them onto Lucidity. With the simple click of a button, I can see the essential data and reports to get an understanding of what’s happening in my clients’ businesses. And with the cloud-based Lucidity software, I can do this wherever I am in the world..

    “The simplicity of analysis, speed of access, shared knowledge and ease of reporting allows me to spend less time manipulating data and more time helping them develop the business benefits they are looking for.  Lucidity is real value for money; which is why I have been using it for 12 years in my own business and recommend it to my clients.”

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