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Site Management

One of the biggest challenges facing site administrators on worksites is keeping track of all the contractors and employees on site at any given time. 

Lucidity's site management solution gives administrators simple, real-time access to site attendance record logs. 

Module Features


Ensure competency

Site access points will only let employees on site if all inductions and relevant competencies have been completed.

Emergency Response

Emergency response

Easily access records to report who is on site in case of an emergency.


Verify attendance

Track and manage attendance of contractors and the time that they spent on site.


Confirm insurances

Confirm the validity of contractor's insurances as employees enter sites.


Site Access Point

Each worksite is set up with the right number of access points to support their operations. Each Access Point:

  • Allows tap-on and tap-off at the site using access cards

  • Is water resistant and includes built in 3G/4G comms

  • Works offline for up to a day without comms

  • Synchronises with the OnSite Desktop module

  • Advises if a card is valid and if entry is permitted based on inductions and competencies

  • Optional outputs to interface with other systems

  • Is available as a mobile version suitable for toolbox sign on, which includes battery backup (enquire for details)

OnSite Box

Real-time data straight from your sites

Through the companion software module, easily keep track of who's on site. And make sure that their qualifications are up to date to ensure your sites are safe.

OnSite 2


"The new level of information we’ve been able to achieve with Lucidity has meant we’ve now got access to granular data, all collected from the field in real-time.

It’s been a complete game-changer for us."

See how Downer used Lucidity software to streamline their safety data collection and make better business decisions.

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