Training Management

Easily track and monitor all training needs in one central system.

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The Simple

Do you have a clear understanding of your workforce’s real-time completed training and outstanding training needs?

Lucidity’s learning management system supports the complete training lifecycle in one platform:

  • Tracking training with training registers and training matrixes
  • Creating and monitoring training needs analysis (TNA)
  •  Managing training expiry alerts
  • Delivering eLearning and assessment - self paced training

Don’t risk expired training records, incomplete training and assessment, or missed training needs again.

Software Features


Manage training records

Centralised training register to track and manage each employee’s completed training and training needs.


Asset Register

Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

Easily ensure every employee has the training they need with comprehensive training needs analysis, based on roles.
Fully automated.

Training Costs

Monitor training costs

Easily track and report resources, time and business costs associated with training.


Monitor training with matrixes

Training matrices are a powerful tool to simply view and track each employee’s completed, in progress or assigned training in a single spreadsheet.

Stay on top of any missing training needs and identify any gaps in your workforce through customising your training matrixes by project, worksite, divisions and teams. So you’re never left in a situation where you’re missing crucial skills on site that will impact productivity.

Training Matrix Fade

Role-based Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

Various roles within a company will all have the same internal training requirements. Rather than adding individual training needs to each team member, the Lucidity platform has the ability to simply roll out bulk training needs to all job roles that require them in a couple of clicks.

Simply assign different employees to their relevant role in the system and then update the training needs to those roles.


Want to manage your professional development through this system as well?

Simply add in customised optional training requirements to the relevant employee in the system to manage their professional development work alongside their compulsory safety training.

Training 2


"What makes our sites safe isn't just having software. Making our sites safe relies on the engagement of supervisors and management staff with health and safety software - and Lucidity plays a key role in that."

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