Training Opportunities



Our goal at Lucidity is to provide you with the best possible learning experience and reference materials.

We have developed a suite of training opportunities available to you to suit all different learning styles. These are listed below and are accessible by administrators, managers and general end users as often as required.



These videos are designed for system administrators and will take you through each module’s capability in its entirety.

We recommend using these when you start your learning journey with Lucidity.

Lucidity Access and HR Training (47min)
Lucidity Shared Features Training for Admins Column config | Bulk change | QR codes (38 min)
Lucidity Shared Features Training for Users Filters | Scheduled reports | Actions | Dashboards (15min)
Lucidity Asset Training (20min)
Lucidity Competency Training (60min)
Lucidity Contractor Training (30min)
Contractor Onboarding Training (25min)
Lucidity Incident Training (50min)
Lucidity Induction Training (55min)
Lucidity InForm Training (60min)
Lucidity Intranet Training (40min)
Lucidity OnSite Training (20min)
Lucidity Permit to Work Training (17min)
Lucidity Risk Training (35min)
Lucidity Return to Work Training (25min)


For training personalised to the needs of your organisation, Lucidity Software can provide additional support in face-to-face sessions or via video conferencing at our standard rates.

For more information or to organise a quote, please contact us at

Lucidity e-Learning Training Portal

The eLearning suite enables any learner at any level to complete training for any Lucidity module in their own time and at their own pace.

Three pathways are provided for flexible learning options - General User, Manager and Administrator.

We recommend using the eLearning as a follow up to the full module training videos. As practice opportunities are included, it provides the opportunity to embed your new learning.

The eLearning content can also be used as reference material when designing your own Lucidity training material for internal purposes.

eLearning Instructions
Lucidity eLearning Portal

Lucidity USER

The Lucidity User Guide is a valuable resource which can be accessed at any time by any user. Each module contains short tutorial training videos and step-by-step written instructions on all functionality.

We recommend the user guides are used to search for specific features and ‘how-to’ functions within Lucidity Software after the formal training above has been completed.

Lucidity Software User Guide
All training videos and webinars

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